Becoming The American Dream

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For many of us, the “American Dream” is an opportunity for a better life, away from the country we are born, expecting a better quality of life and a chance to be successful. For years, immigrants are coming to the United States with this ideals, searching for something that the place where they are from can not provide. While most of the immigrants are looking for a better life without depending on a government, Americans increasingly rely on the government. Today, instead of fighting for the right of private property, Americans are looking for even more and more “rights” from the state. The citizens are searching for state protection and reliability while most of the foreigners appreciate the freedom Americans, becoming the American Dream…show more content…
We are all searching for something different, with the perspectives from the place you came from, even with you are already an American citizen. While my American Dream is to be able to get a better high education, for some of my friends is to get a citizenship or stay in the country as long as they can, to achieve their dream to live in a better place. Michael Moore makes so many points about America being a idiot nation that it kind of scares me when I found out that my opinion are a little bit different that what he is stating. The same thing happened with the text Against School by John Taylor Gatto, where he is talking about the schools systems and comparing his experiences with what he learned through the years. My opinion on both of the texts was different because of my background, from where I came from. The educational system is so much worse than the one both of these authors are against that my perspective in America Education changed since I arrived. The fact that I’m not the only one in my country to think that this system is way better and teach the kids how to study to have a better life, is now making me sad for how “blind” we are while talking about American culture and American education. My point is, the American dream is in our minds, the way we want to see it. Sometimes it will not be the way you imagined in the past and your experiences are changing your point of view, but we need…show more content…
Now with all the experiences that I had and all the challenges, I am glad to say that my American dream has changed to not only a better life, but to a freedom I will never have in the country I came from. My dream is to be free it doesn’t matter where I’m at. I want to be able to walk in the streets with my phone in my hands without being afraid, I want to be able to go out with my friends without a specific time to go back home, I want to make my own decisions without basing everything in opportunities and on what is best for my safety. All of us have different thoughts s and it always will be like this. The only thing missing is a common sense that we are not perfect and we should always be dreaming about a better America. Countries can change their government for better, can change the way schools systems are, the way health care is, but they can not change our ideals and our way of thinking. Having the power of being free, being able to think freely is everything that we should be fighting for right now. Cause everything starts from something, and something would be nothing if our hearts don’t believe in
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