Becoming The Irresponsible Driver

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Reading the statistics about the amount of crashes, injuries, and deaths that occur daily and annually really surprised me. When you get in a vehicle, you 're responsible for anything that might happen while you are driving. You might not always be able to prevent other cars crashing onto you, but you should do what you can to prevent becoming the irresponsible driver. People should learn and be reminded to drive responsibly and carefully so that they do their part in decreasing the number of crashes. Some of the statistics that surprised me were the ones concerning teens. The website stated that in 2014, there were 2,270 deaths and 221,313 injuries in teens between the ages of 16-19. 2,270 lives were lost; people who had families and who most likely didn 't expect their chance at life to be ended so abruptly.…show more content…
Most people don 't expect to be involved in a car crash, but it probably didn 't cross these teens ' minds that day that they would die from a car crash. They may have been the ones responsible or only a victim, but their families had to live with the consequences. Also from, was that eight people are killed and more than 1,000 inured in car crashes everyday; it 's just one day that these alarming numbers of deaths and injuries occur. For many crashes, distractions are what cause these crashes to happen in the first places. Many drivers are distracted with items like their cellphones, other passengers, or music that they listen to. stated that 14% of the distracted driving crashes were due to cellphones. People might think that a quick glance at a text message couldn 't possibly hurt, but they don 't realize that crashes can occur in an
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