Bed Shortage Case Study

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After your review, do the conclusions you draw from the case justify the headline? Why or why not?
Generally, I agree with the hospital based on the numbers that is stated in the data it clearly shows that the issues concerning the hospitals reasons for cancellations does not all just fall on the hospital due to a bed shortage. Other concerns are due to patients becoming ill the day of surgery and have to cancel the surgery for those reasons, thus, based on for the particular reasons that a small percentage on them do not attend the day of surgery. However, the highest percentage of cancellations are due to shortage of hospital beds based on the record of ICU trauma patients that has used the majority of the beds and for those reasons that is what led to cause the shortage.
Discuss the indications found in Table 15-1 and their effect on the health care organizations efficiency in elective surgery.
Due to those shortages it has cause many individuals with major medical conditions to delay their treatments or possibly cause a potential health threat that could be alarming to one’s condition if left untreated. The problem within the hospital is to minimize the concern within the ICU so that there is enough time to schedule surgeries for
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Second, regardless of ICU trauma patients coming in to the ER, setup an area separates from this area so that we can perform surgeries all day without any problems are trouble. Next, Have at least 4 beds available for post-operative care after the surgery for those patients to recovery in appropriate amount of time. Finally, in order for all of this to work we must follow the appropriate protocol and make sure that the patients are fasting properly, on time their appointments, have a person to drive them home after their surgery, and make sure that they are on time to fill out forms if needed before the

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