Bedour Basalamah Personal Statement

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Bedour Basalamah
My name is Bedour Basalamah, a Saudi Arabian woman who graduated in 2013 from
King Abdul-Aziz University, College of Sciences “Biochemistry Department”. Due to my interest in Biomedical field, half of my internship period was spent in that section. After graduation, as I want to practice what I learned from my studies, I had undergone to a training program at King Fahd General Hospital in the laboratory department as a laboratory technician for one year. During training year, I gained experiences from each section that I passed through such as Immunology, Tissue Typing, PCR, Microbiology and Biochemistry,
Parasitology, Histology, Virology, Hematology and Blood Bank. After that, I had a chance to work at the hospital as a laboratory technician
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The very important point is that this program will equip me with research capabilities required as a Laboratory Technician.
My senior project during my undergraduate study was about “the relationship between
Diabetes Mellitus and vitamin D,” under a supervision of the Head of Biochemistry
Department at King Abdul-Aziz University. Since I am interested in the research of cancer, and one of my courses in my university was discussing on cancer, I have been seeking for studies that scrutinize the relationship between cancer and genome. I would like to research on the real image of the cellular mechanisms of the genome stability in normal cells, and how these pathways can alter the genome into an instable form of cancer cells. As our knowledge evolves, I believe that these changes happened by many environmental factors.
I believe that I am capable of successfully attaining an offer from University
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