Bedroom Burnout

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Burnout is a definite challenge as it can simply be defined as the psychological, physical, and spiritual fatigue, and one is unable to continue coping (Manning & Curtis, 2012). One does not have to suffer from all three, however, by the time one gets to the fatigue point in one, they are often close enough in the the others that fatigue in all three is not too far off. Avoiding burnout on the job is difficult when stress continues to pile up. As a teacher, the demands are always high as my professional scorecard and ratings of success depend on the students passing state mandated normative tests in four subject areas. The personal attitude of eighteen nine-year-olds on four mornings at the end of April will help determine my level of success and effectiveness, which in turn determines how good of a teacher I really am. The theory is that good teachers are better able to prepare students for the test, and are therefore more worthy of recognition and ease for years to come. What is not noted in my abilities as a teacher is the fact that I work in a high poverty…show more content…
Professional recognition from a more senior figure than the recipient is a great preventative measure for workplace burnout (Davies, 2016). From our principle to our superintendent, recognition has been a great reward to celebrate the successes of teachers in our school and district. Recognition of time spent working is also a great feature that is presented by allowing and encouraging teachers to take their weekends and holidays to rest, relax, and spend time with families. Work tasks are not mentioned and time off is therefore celebrated. Of course work is still expected to be completed, however, the added reminders are not there, reducing the pressured stressors while reading emails, or working from
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