Bed Making Essay

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The bedroom is one of the most important room in the whole house. People need to have a comfortable bedding for a comfortable life. The personal touch to the bedroom can be added with the help of color scheme. The whole look of the room can be changed by changing the color scheme of the bedding. There is such an extensive variety of designs, styles and color available when it comes to bedding linen. There is no limit to the designs, styles and colors that are available.
Here are some of the tips which can help in creating an excellent look for the bedroom. These tips will also make it easier to create a look by choosing from unlimited variety.
1. Match bedding style to the furniture.
Harmony can be created be taking furniture into account. This can
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Adding dark color in the bedding will provide an excellent punch. The dark red color should be combined with neutral colors.
6. Luxury bedding:
There are luxurious Italian bed linens which create an attractive look. There are cotton sateen sheets, the euro shams, pillow shams and the duvet have a hemstitched contract border, and this border puts emphasis on color of the bed skirt and the pillows.
7. Retro colors for bedding:
A very modern look can be created with retro colors. The tailored designs with retro colors can be created. The decorative pillows can be added to create a more luxurious look. The decorative pillows can be of neutral scheme. This will create a more balanced look. The contemporary bedding has a lot of pillows. There are layers of pillows used in contemporary bedding.
8. Creating color scheme with the help of pillows:
In contemporary bedding there are layers of pillows used. A lot of color can be brought with the help of layers of pillows. The print pillow shams can inspire an excellent color scheme. They can be combined with assortment of solid colors. The solids with the printed pillows can offer a wide range of
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