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Some of the most effective methods for training the kitchen staff include role-playing, classroom learning, games, internships, educational DVDs and textbooks.
Role-playing most definitely works. When I was participating in a restaurant management class during my junior year in high school, we were tasked with setting up a mock restaurant business and to take turns assuming different roles. More times than not, I assumed the role of manager, and boy was it stressful having everyone report to me for every little thing. Still, the knowledge I learned in the course was invaluable. I learned that it 's important to understand the basics of every job in the restaurant, even if you will not be performing those duties yourself. Managers have to constantly be in the know and be willing to lead by example. The course was good hands on experience that I have yet to totally duplicate in my adult life, but I still managed to implicate some of what I learned in my current endeavors, such as this course itself.
I participated in role-playing, shadowing, and let 's make a game out of it training. Personally, I found all three of these methods tend to work when used in combination with each other. Role-playing helps
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During my restaurant training program in high school, we use a lot of training and job aids throughout the course. We had guest speakers from inside the restaurant industry come to our class and give lectures on the ins and outs of the restaurant operation, how to apply for restaurant jobs, the type of skills restaurant employers look for,etc. we also used restaurant simulation software to help create the idea of what a specifically themed restaurant might look like. For example, if we wanted to create a family themed restaurant similar to let 's say, Dave N Busters the simulation software on the CD would create a scenario to fit our ideal image for our eating establishment. We also use standard job aids such as textbooks, Internet websites and
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