Bedroom Observation Essay

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I was five years old in kindergarten at the West Farm School, when I learned to makes soups, cornbread and cut up vegetables with a sharp knife. I ground the corn kernels until they were as soft as a duckling.The cornbread smelled the room with a sweet aroma.You could hear the chopping of the knives slice each vegetable carefully. The Stone soup we made smelled as a good as your mom’s home cooking. If it was not for my kindergarten teachers at the West Farm school, I would not have found my love of cooking with a flare.
I have learned so much in Pro Foods 1 with Chef Barton. Pro Foods is a culinary program at the Center for Technology, Essex in Essex Vermont. Chef Barton is a Johnson and Wales alumni, and a kind chef instructor in Pro Foods 1. Chef Barton preps food as fast as a dog chasing a car. He is very quick at each kitchen station. I look up to him because he is strong in the kitchen by projecting his voice loudly and prepping and cooking the food in a timely manner. He is amazing at knife skills, such as slicing and dicing food to the accurate size. He has expanded my culinary vocabulary and my cooking methods. I learned how to be quick on my feet in the kitchen. Multitasking and timing is important in a restaurant because otherwise the meals would not be ready on time for the customers. In order to be a chef like Chef Barton, you need to be very organized and timely
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I made this dish where I placed sliced grilled chicken toppled on top of the creamy thyme risotto and succulent and soft sauteéd squash and zucchini on top of the chicken and around the chicken. The tasty risotto melted in your mouth like butter.Food presentation is crucial because you need someone to have an appetite.
To me, culinary is the art of food. Meaning that art connects to culinary to me. I consider curry as a healing and relaxing and healthy spice.Cooking drives me to be creative and expand my taste buds and experiment with

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