Bedroom Observation Report

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Upon arrival, I stepped out with a male subject wearing red and green pants, who advised he was on his way to the kangaroo on Clay Street at Old Highway 27 to get some juice for his house. The subject stated he was coming from his house on Adams Street near Walnut Hills restaurant. Officer Maria Grady asked the subject for his name and he gave two different names. First, he said Robert Moore and then he said Robert Earl White. Officer Grady, along with Officer Matthew Barnes asked for permission to search the subject and advised to go ahead. The subject only had four dollars and pieces of paper in his pocket. While they continued to question the male subject, a loud outside alarm starting to sounding off and it sounded like it was coming from Freds. Officer Noel and I circulated the building and I noticed the outside alarm stopped but around towards the rear of the building, Officer Noel noticed metal from the real wall lifted up and pushed to the side. Officer Noel then observed the rear wall had a hole cut. I stood by the wall because there was a possibility of someone still being in the store, so I made sure nobody will come back out of that hole.…show more content…
The subject was coming in through the hole in the wall located at the back of Freds in warehouse section. The subject entered the business and started walking towards the front of the store. From the camera angle I saw, it seemed that the subject was at the front of the score checking out merchandise and then a couple of seconds later the subject started running towards the back of the store. The subject exited the store through the hole. Bingham advised while the subject was at the front of the store, the subject could have possibly carried away a DVD player but does not know. Unknown if the subject was able to carry anything

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