Bedside Handoff Case Study In Nursing

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Bedside handoff is one of the ways we are involving the patient more. Maxson, P. M., Derby, K. M., Wrobleski, D. M., & Foss, D. M. (2012) (P.141) “stated the Joint Commission said in their National Patient Safety Goals for 2009 and 2010 that they wanted patients to be more involved with their care as well as Nursing to have a standard hand off process when there is a change of care”. Bedside handoff covers both initiatives laid out by Joint Commission. Bedside handoff will allow the patient to meet the oncoming nurse and the patient will be involved with his/her care (Maxon et al., 2012). Patients have also felt more at ease with this process with being able to hear what the plan was for their care and are able ask questions about their care

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