Bedside Handover: Annotated Bibliography

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B3a: Annotated Bibliography
Chaboyer, W., McMurray, A., Wallis, M. (2010). Bedside nursing handover: A case study. International Journal of Nursing Practice, 16, 27-34. doi: 10.1111/j.1440-172X.2009.01809.x
In this case study they observed 532 bedside handovers and they interviewed 34 nurses. These handovers provided opportunity for the off going nurse to introduce the oncoming nurse, for them to perform safety checks and medication checks. It was found that bedside nursing handovers improved accuracy, promoted patient centered care and improved service delivery
Clarke, D., Werestiuk, K., Schoffner, A., Gerard, J., Swan, K. (2012). Achieving the “perfect handoff” in patient transfers: building teamwork and trust. Journal of Nursing Management,
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It focused on current handover practices across 23 wards at this hospital. They found that practices varied widely, were time consuming and were not patient centered as they lacked involvement from the patients. The findings of this study supported the authors’ belief that a change to more standardized and patient centered handoffs were needed.
Liu, W., Manias, E., & Gerdtz, M. (2012). Medication communication between nurses and patients during nursing handovers on medical wards: A critical ethnographic study. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 49, 941-952. doi: 10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2012.02.008
This article focuses mainly on medication communication during handovers. They involved both patients and nurses. They found that poor organization of handovers, location of the handover and interruptions during the handover all interfered with the handover and potentially affected medication safety.
Maxson, Pamela M., Derby, Kelly M., Wrobleski, Diane M., Foss, Diane M.. (2012). Bedside
Nurse to Nurse Handoff Promotes Patient Safety. MedSurg Nursing, 21,
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30 patients pre-implementation and 30 patients post-implementation were surveyed. Nursing staff on the unit were also invited to participate in the surveys as well. Patients and nursing staff felt that bedside handoff had a positive impact on care.
Pothier, D., Pedro, M., Mutuzua, M., Alison, S., (2005). Pilot study to show the loss important data in nursing handover. British Journal of Nursing, 14(20), 1090-1095.
This study compares loss of information of three handover styles over 5 handover cycles. They found that a combined handover of verbal with use of a pre-prepared handover sheet resulted in the least information lost. The purely verbal handover resulted in the most information lost and in the fewest number of handoff cycles. Patient safety improves when there is less information lost from handover to handover.
Staggers, N., Benham-Huchins, M., Goncalves, L., Langford-Heermann, L., Exploring patient-centered handoffs in surgical oncology. (2013), Journal of Participatory Medicine,

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