Handover In Nursing

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The main purpose of this assignment is to evaluate the effectiveness of bedside handover in nursing for treating patients. Clinical handover practices are considered as significant in the transmission of clinical care between health physicians. It is noticed that when the patient is handed over from one clinician to another, it is important to make sure that continuity of care is maintained because problem in this can give rise to various safety issues. A nursing handover is known as the process in which information related to a patient is exchanged between nurses, which includes transfer of responsibility or control over for the patient. It is noticed that at the start of the shift, the nurses get general report related to the patients, which…show more content…
In order to search relevant literature for the study, the researcher uses different databases and search engines. These include Google scholar, EBSCOHost, Taylor and Francis, Jstor, Yahoo and others. With the help of use of these sources, the researcher is able to search and extract number of studies that is linked to the topic of “bedside handover”. By making of mentioned databases and search engines, more than 40 studies were searched and analysed. From these studies, only 30 were linked to the context of bedside handover in clinical setting. In addition to this, this number of studies is further reduced because many of the studies were not available in full. It is noticed that of 20 studies only abstract were available due to which they were not used for providing literature in this study. Therefore, only 10 studies were considered as relevant and were selected in order to conduct this study effectively. Moreover, these studies were searched by making use of some appropriate keywords, which are highlighted in the next…show more content…
These types include taped, verbal, bedside, and nonverbal handover. It is noticed that verbal handover is considered as most lengthy form of handover because it includes irrelevant and non-essential information instead of accurate and reliable information based on patient documentation. While on the other hand, audiotaped handovers focuses on retrospective, ritualistic, and treatment oriented information instead of elaborating direction and focus towards forward planning. Moreover, bedside handover is the transfer of written document and patient related information from one nurse to another at the time of changing shifts. McMurray et al (2011) stated that handover serves as an opportunity for mentoring members of junior staff in order to socialise newcomers into the culture of nursing. It also assists them in learning professional values and goals along with the providence of development of group cohesion. In bedside handovers, the main opportunity is related to student teaching because it aids in analysing the nursing as something that is done with
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