Bee Pollen Research Paper

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Bee Pollen: Overview of Information & Purchase
Alternative Names:
ÁBee Pollen Extract
Buckwheat Pollen
Extrait de Pollen d 'Abeille
Honey Bee Pollen, Honeybee Pollen
Maize Pollen
Polen de Abeja, Pine Pollen, Pollen d 'Abeille, Pollen, Pollen de Sarrasin, Pollen d 'Abeille de Miel
Caution: You make sure see seprate listing for Bee Venom, Apitherapy, Honey and Royal Jelly.
Scientific Name:
Scientific name of Bee pollen is Apis mellifica and it belongs to not any family.
Why do people use Bee pollen?
For orall purpose, Bee pollen is utilized for as an appetite stimulant, general nutrition, to enhance stamina and physical performance, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), for premature aging, mouth sores, hay fever or allergic rhinitis, painful
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Is it safe to use?
Likely safe. When used in orally, for short-term usage and appropriately. Bee pollen has been safely utilized as a part of clinical trials enduring up to 30 days. There are some initial findings that taking 2 tablets two times every day of a particular products mixture containing bee pollen extract of 36 mg, royal jelly of 6 mg and 120 mg extract of pollen plus pistil per tablet for consecutively two months will be safe.
Likely unsafe for in pregnancy. when orally used. But it should be avoid using because there is some problem that bee pollen may have effects on uterine stimulant
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Its Interaction Rating should be balanced be careful of this mixture. Concerns that bee pollen may increase the bleeding risks and combine with warfarin. One reported case, a patient on warfarin had a balance international normalized ratio (INR) of 1.9 to 3.3 for nine months. The INR of patient was discovered to be expanded to 7.1 after he began taking bee pollen granules one teaspoon two times every day for about one month. The warfarin dosage of patients was diminished by pretty nearly 11% in order to diminish the international normalized ratio (INR) to within the therapeutic range while keeping to take the supplements of pollen.
How Bee pollen interact with foods?
Not known.
How Bee pollen interact with Lab tests?
Not known.
How Bee pollen interact with diseases or conditions?
Pollen Allergy: Supplements of bee pollen can result of some serious side effects of allergy in those patients how are pollen allergic. Symptoms of allergy include swelling, itching, lightheadedness, shortness of breath and anaphylaxis.
What Should Be the Dose/Administration of Red Pollen?
For oral purpose. For premenstrual disorder (PMS), 2 tablets twice every day of a particular mixture containing pollen plus pistil concentrate of 36 mg, 6 mg jam and extract of plus pistil concentrate (Natumin Pharma, Femal) per tablet for two menstrual cycles has been used.
Different plants containing pollens, including maize, buckwheat, rape, pine (songhuafen and typha. Avoid confusion
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