Bee Population Effect

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When you are little, you learn that bees are important to maintaining our flowers and are the creators of the honey we eat. Bees are small insects and people tend to hate them because it hurts when you get stung by one, but have you ever thought about the impact our planet would have if our bee population started to decrease or even became extinct? Because flowers and honey aren 't the only thing that would be affected by losing a big number in the bee’s population. The scientific term used for the decreasing population of bees is called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). This has been an ongoing problem and the numbers are dying fast. “U.S. National Agricultural Statistics show a honey bee decline from about 6 million hives in 1947 to 2.4 million…show more content…
They are responsible for about 70% of the different nuts, vegetables and fruits that we consume (1). That is a really high percentage, so with our bees decreasing, that means our daily fruits, vegetables and nuts that we have will become more expensive to get because it will be harder for them to grow, which means they will be harder to buy. “Recent harsh winters that stay freezing cold well into spring have been instrumental in decimating the honeybee population”, “The recent severe drought in California has become an additional factor driving both its honey yield and bee numbers down as less rain means less flowers available to pollinate” (2). This shows that our environment may be the leading cause for our diminishing population, because it is affecting the living environment of the bees and they aren 't able to adapt. Some issues are also industrialization, which is killing our natural habitats. Disease and parasites are another problem that is affecting our bees health and making their job hard for them. Also another concern that people think could be a main reason for the decreasing population is the increased used of pesticides on farms, using pesticides on farms makes it difficult for the bees to survive because of the toxins. If our environment continues to have harsh living conditions, or we continue to use chemicals that can affect our bees then it could possibly lead us to their

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