Beef Beef Burger Case Study Solution

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Beef Burgers were assessed for a number of sensory characteristics by fifteen members of the Home Economics department's staff, selected on the basis of interest and experience in sensory for evaluation and availability. Panelists were instructed to evaluate color, texture, taste, flavor, odor, hardness, juiciness and overall acceptability. The following attributes were evaluated on 5 point scale, each attribute was discussed and tests were initiated after panelists were familiarized with scales [16]. 3.2.3. Physical properties 1- Water holding capacity (WHC): Press technique was used to measure the water holding capacity of raw beef burgers [17]. Raw beef burger (0.5 g) was placed on filter paper (Whatman No. 1, stored overnight in saturated KCl) which was placed between tow glass sheets and pressed for 20 min by a 1 kg weight. The area…show more content…
Determination of fatty acids composition: Lipid Extraction of fatty acids 10g sample was weight out in conical, then 10 ml of conc hydrochloric acid was added and immersed in boiling water until the sample was dissolved. At this stage, the mixture should be brown or violet in colour and the fat will be collected on the surface. Conical was cooled and the fat was extracted by shaking with 30 ml of diethyl ether and the extract was blowed, after allowing the layers to separate in to a weighed flask. Extraction process was repeated three times more and the solvent was distilled then the fat was dried at 100ºC, cooled and weighed [24]. Fatty acids methylation 50 mg of lipid was weighed in a glass tube. Of 5 ml of methanolic sulphuric acid (1ml concentrated. sulphuric acid and 100 ml methanol) and 2 ml of benzene were added then the tube was closed well and placed in water bath at 90ºC for 90 minutes. Tubes were cooled at ambient temperature and 8 ml of water and 5 ml petroleum ether were added then shaked strongly and separated out the ethereal layer in a dry tube. Evaporation process was done to provide

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