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CHAPTER TWO: LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Introduction This chapter deals with review of literature that is relevant to the specific objectives of this study. Relevant literature from different writers, researchers and academicians will be reviewed in line with the context of the study. This chapter will also outline the summary of literature review. 2.2 Bacterial Study of Beef Sausages Meat and meat products are ever gaining popularity due to their affordable prices and easy preparation, more so beef sausages. A beef sausage can be defined as beef which has been minced and seasoned, and encased in a cylindrical animal tissue or artificial skin, which is to be fried, grilled or heat processed before being consumed (Ehr, n.d.). Beef sausages have become popular fast foods especially in major towns and cities like Nairobi where they are being sold in the streets and restaurants. Beef sausages are prone to contamination due to a long chain involved from processing through to preparation and preservation (Hassanien, 2004). Several bacteria have been identified to…show more content…
These sources can be categorised as either personal or environmental. Personal sources of contamination include poor personal hygiene, cross-contamination which occurs due to contact of beef sausages with other contaminated raw foods and keeping sausages in temperature danger zone. Lee (2012) argued that only healthy workers should be allowed to handle food and hands should be washed frequently when handling food. He further argued that sanitized utensils should be used to prepare, serve or store food, and all food ought to be cooked and stored at temperatures either less than 50C or higher than 570C. This is because bacteria thrive at a temperature of between 50C and 570C (Trickett, 2001). Environmental factors include lack of adequate sanitation, storage and waste disposal facilities (Abdussalam and Kaferstein

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