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Why Someone Should Acquire The Beekeepers Suit
By Marvin Weaver
Oct 16, 2010
The bee suit is a necessary tool when pursuing beekeeping. Beekeeping is a fun, popular hobby or even business these days because its fun to do. Some people start this out as just a hobby, but then turn it into a business when they see the opportunities available.

All the enjoyment from this pursuit is due to the bee suit. Beekeeping can be considered a dangerous activity due to the possibility of stings from the bees. But the bee suit has made this notion rather negligible. There have been incidents of people being seriously injured or even being killed because of a certain type of reaction from a bee sting called an anaphylactic reaction. This is a type of serious
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Stings can be very painful and no matter how much you may try and avoid them, if you are in beekeeping for either business or hobby, you will eventually at some point be stung. In beekeeping there are many instances where you need to open the hives of your bees to either reset the hive, collect honey, or even relocate the hive.

Bees instinctively believe they are under attack during these occasions and so will try to protect their hive. But honey bees now a days have been breed through many generations to make them more calm than the ones you might see on TV. But I still would always use my bee suit.

These are the main reasons to invest in a good quality bee suit, and they aren 't all that expensive anyway. Darker colors can aggravate bees more than light colors so bee suits are usually made in white material. Being white in color also helps you you stay cool when there are many bees flying around you!

A good quality bee suit will include a hood unit and gloves. This way the most sensitive parts of the body protected, although you will commonly see experienced beekeepers not using gloves. Also a good bee suit will allow you to move freely and have good

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