Beep Short Story

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Beep. Beep. Beep. I scramble out of bed early Saturday morning at 5 am. I quick shut off my alarm off so it doesn’t wake up the rest of the house. The night before I had already set out my clothes for the day. When I wake up I go to take a shower I can hear my brothers alarm also going off. After I showered and dried off I go back to my room and start putting on my camouflage. Once I’m all dressed and ready to go my brother Ben and I both grab our shotguns and all of our shells and walk out the door not ready for the day that was ahead of us. As we left on the snowy morning on the first Saturday of shotgun deer season it was very still and the snow was falling lightly to the ground. My brother and I load up the truck with all of our hunting necessities and head to my uncle Mike’s house. Every year we go hunting with our family for shotgun hunting. We slowly drove over to his house because the roads were a little slippery. Mike lives in Newkirk so it only takes us…show more content…
By that time everybody had starting walking out of the trees and coming over to see what I had shot. Everyone gives me high fives and I’m all happy until the tell me that I have to gut it. Gutting deer is one of the most terrible smells in the world because you have to cut open their still warm guts out of the body. I push through the smell and get all of his insides on the outside. Now comes the hard part dragging him back to the truck it was about a half mile back to the truck and it was uphill. Eventually I got it back to the truck and we took pictures of him. Even though I had already shot a deer I kept helping push the deer out the rest of the day. As the day came to night we drove home where my family was waiting for me to take pictures of me. After the big day had come to an end I realized that hunting still wasn’t over for me I had to walk timber for everyone else to try to get a
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