Beethoven And Mozart Comparison Essay

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Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are both considered the greatest composers of history. Although their style is very different they have some similarities in their work.

Ludwig van Beethoven was baptized on December 17, 1770 in Bonn. He lived in between the Classical and the Romantic eras.
By the age of 11, Beethoven had to leave school because his family could not afford it. At age 18, he had to earn money to support his family.
Christian Gottlob Neefe eventually became Beethoven’s teacher. By June 1782 Beethoven had become Neefe’s assistant. In 1783, Beethoven published his first piece and played continuo in the opera. In 1787 he planned to go to Vienna to meet Mozart. The journey was cancelled due to the death of Beethoven’s
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The time signature is 4/4, which is the most common time signature. The tempo of both compositions are very fast, which matches the dynamics. Mozart and Beethoven wrote their symphonies in forte, which gives them a dramatic, intense mood.
Even though string instruments are used in both symphonies, Beethoven 's symphony also uses the piano in his composition and Mozart also uses percussion.
Beethoven 's ninth symphony written in a major key which makes it seem happy and joyful. The symphony 's name "Ode the Joy" already gives the listener a hint. Mozart 's fortieth symphony is written in a minor key. Minor keys are often used for sad song, as well as for passionate love songs.
In Beethoven 's composition, the register is medium, whereas in Mozart 's it is high. The register is the pitching which the composition is played. The range in the two symphonies are different. While Beethoven 's range is very small, Mozart 's range is very large. The range is the distance from the highest note in the piece to the lowest note in the piece.
Although both Mozart and Beethoven are considered very unique composers, they share some of their musical elements. There style is very special, but their music has a similar

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