Beethoven Romanticism Essay

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The transition from the Classical period to the era of Romanticism affected all aspects of creative and performing arts. Romanticism was a Western cultural movement that started in the early 1800s. The movement affected all forms of art including literature, visual art and music. To extend the tone color alternatives accessible, a few new instruments were added to the ensemble amid this period, including a lot of percussion instruments, similar to the triangle, and in addition the tuba, show harp, and celesta, a piano-like instrument that has a sound like that of a music box. With this rich instrumental sense of taste, authors could make extremely passionate music. In all music you are able to find me sort of emotion, however most Romantic…show more content…
One sample is Beethoven's third symphony. Initially composed as a tribute to Napoleon Bonaparte, a man whom Beethoven respected for his political beliefs, Beethoven later tore up his page dedicated to him after Napoleon proclaimed himself dictator. Beethoven re-named his piece 'Brave Symphony, Composed to Celebrate the Memory of a Great Man.’ It is not everyday that a composer utterly changes how the world views music, but this is exactly what Beethoven did. Beethoven changed and advanced structures in music in many different ways, especially in his transition between the Classical and Romantic music periods. During this time, music was perceived as accessible and elegant. Beethoven spent his time performing for noble audiences who were confused and surprised by his new style of piano playing, and his rich emotion. When Beethoven was young, he suffered a crisis which would help his composing career but stop his ability to play piano. He vowed to share music with the world, despite his disability. After this crisis, Beethoven started to experiment with different types of powerful music, and began to make his living by writing music, becoming an icon for young composers and musicians. His new type of music started a trend in which is now called Romanticism, a music created from originality and
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