What Is The Mood Of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony

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Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is one of the most famous symphonic arrangements of all time. And yet it was written during a time of much conflict and misery in the composer’s life. Ludwig van Beethoven, known for his brilliant, complex symphonies, concertos, piano pieces and chamber music, became deaf. It was a tragic malady for a composer. Beethoven would only hear music in his head for the rest of his life.
The Fifth Symphony reflects the inner struggles that Beethoven felt as he lived with his disability. Although he was true to the classical form of a sonata allegro, he wanted to express his passions and longing in his music. I believe he did so in this symphony.
Beethoven began the first movement’s exposition strong and bold with his first …show more content…

The deeper sound of the lower voiced instruments brings the frustration, anger and strength back to the piece that was lost during the second theme and the thematic degradation. Just as the listener resigns himself to the melancholy an oboe solo appears, and although it is just as solemn and sad as the first theme, it gives the listener hope that all will be resolved; but it isn’t to be. The first theme in its boldness and strength comes back with a vengeance.
Suddenly, the second theme comes back to relieve the listener from the stress of the first. The recapulation of the second theme brings back the happier feel from the exposition. It relieves the listener of the burden of the first theme. It calms, it sooths, it relaxes. But then it begins to build. It climaxes in a fury of violins, violas and cellos. It’s almost as though the movement is about to end when it goes back to the thematic degradation and breaks apart the music into minute pieces interspersed with a bold, fuller sound. It slows a bit but begins to build again ending in a bold, victorious, triumphant ending.
Although Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony has been used as a rallying cry for the Allies in World War II, music to give confidence, strength and courage, and sundry other advertisements, jungles, and animated features, I don’t particularly feel endeared to it. I appreciate the genius of the composer but the music itself is not my cup of

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