Beetle Juice Movie Analysis

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In a mansion on top of a hill overviewing a small town lives a man named Edward, Edward had scissors for hands and was created by an inventor that hadpassed away recently and Edward was never finished, but soon he would be see a woman named peg enter his old abandoned room even frightening her when she called out for the owner of the house but realized that he was a sad figure with scissors for hands and so she had him stay and live with her so she could take better care of him than that old mansion ever could. But one Christmas night after Edward was tricked by Jim and was arrested for thievery, the town didn’t accept Edward for who he was and he went on a rampage cutting bushes to scary figures and he finally went back home to his mansion but Jim was waiting there with a gun and Edward killed Jim in self-defense and Kim told the town they both killed each-other for the safety of Edward had depended on it and then the entire town went back to the old ways before the time of Edward and without a Teenage drunk on a rampage named Jim and it was all in a form of Tim Burton’s Style.
Burton’s style in the classic movie Beetle Juice is a movie that explains what happens after death and it even comes with a manual for the recently deceased and the number one thing to remember is that the living usually ignore the
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