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Beetroot biscuits were prepared with the incorporation beetroot powder from 5 per cent , 10 per cent and 15 per cent from standard biscuit making method. These biscuits were then evaluated for their physical, sensory and nutritional, characteristics. The data indicates that 5 per cent beetroot powder incorporated biscuit had better physical and sensory properties (colour, appearance, aroma, texture, taste etc.). The beetroot biscuits prepared by beetroot powder is more nutritious than control biscuit.
Key words : Beetroot Powder, BRP, Proximate Composition ,biscuit , betanin .
1. Introduction
Baking is a method of cooking foods that uses prolonged dry head , normally in an oven, but also in hot ashes, or on hot stones. Biscuit is a term used for a diverse variety of baked, commonly flour- based food products. but may contain fat, sugar and other ingredients mixed together into dough for making biscuits. It is most popular world wide baking product. It is flat crisp and may be sweetened or unsweetened according to preference. It is high in
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The panelists were asked to evaluate the product for different sensory attributes namely color, appearance, Aroma, Texture, Taste, and overall acceptability ( Amerine et al.,1965)
5.Nutritional Composition
Beetroot Biscuits were analyzed for proximate composition (AOAC, 1995) The carbohydrates were determined by subtracting the sum of the values (per 100 g), total ash, crude fat, fiber and crude protein from hundred . The energy value of biscuits were calculated by summing up the product of multiplication of per cent crude protein, , crude fat and carbohydrates present in the biscuits by 4,9 and 4 respectively (Mudambi et al., 1989). The beetroot biscuits were a analyzed for betanin pigment by using AOAC, 1995 method.
Results And

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