Beewulf: What Makes Beowulf As An Epic Hero

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In this poem, it talk about a warrior named Beowulf that leaves his home to go protect another kingdom. He heard about the chaos that was going on because of the monster named Grendel. He came to Hrothgar to fight and kill Grendel to seize the chaos. This then leads to him fighting Grendel’s mother who ends up killing. The question is, what makes beowulf an epic hero. Beowulf showed his incredible strength in multiple situations. He was Known for being the strongest and the bravest man of all of his people. It was said in line 111, “And stronger than anyone anywhere in this world”, this showed how strong he was. As he was fighting Grendel mother, he lift the heaviest sword that no one could lift but him. He swung the sword so hard that it

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