Character Analysis: Before I Fall

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“Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back and realise they were the big things”, once said by Kurt Ronnegunt to infer that the reader finds real life experiences in the book Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. Everyday we live a life worrying about little things that won’t mean anything the next day, when we should cherish real affections towards things such as family and friends because life is short and that is an expected. The author of this book hold onto strong intentions towards feelings she encourages the readers to grasp onto a connection to any part of the book. The author uses allusion to create a connection to those who have the same life experiences with the characters in the story. Throughout the whole story the author tries to grasp a connection to each character and explain their worths and parts of the conflict throughout the story. To break down the main and most important elements, the author puts a strong amount of…show more content…
The story holds a small amount of main characters, but many actions affect the main character. A group of high school girls with the names of Lindsey, Samantha, Elody, and Alley all effect the main character Juliet. The author uses two main characters because she wants it to be a real life situation between the two high school students that can hold a strong matter and connect to someone’s life. Juliet is a quiet girl for example an outcast. The author makes Juliet the outcast because she wants to create a click. The click that is used in this matter is an emotional breakdown. This is easy to identify because Juliet is suicidal. The author uses symbolism to explain to the readers that Juliet wants to take her life. By doing this she gave the readers the idea of Juliet painting her emotions to explain her pain. Which was wanting to take her own
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