'Before I Got My Eye Put Out'

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In both poems “Before I Got My Eye Put Out” and “ We Grow Accustomed To the Dark” by Emily Dickinson. She talks about adjusting and change. The former poem is about recollecting memories of one 's vision before the loss of sight the and the dramatic change experienced . In the latter poem, Ms. Dickinson speaks about how things are going to always adjust and how we get used to the darkness. The speaker in ‘We grow accustomed to the dark’ would react to losing one’s sight the same as the speaker in ‘Before i got my eye put out’.

In ‘Before i got my eye put out’ the speaker lost her vision. The speaker was very sad and longed to be able to see again. She enjoyed being able to see and she wished she still had her vision
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In ‘We grow accustomed to the dark’ the speaker is talking about how we can adjust to the unknown. The poem reveals that we may be uncertain about things but we will eventually get used to them and…show more content…
In the beginning she say’s that she liked to see just like everyone else: “Before I got my eye put out – I liked as well to see, As other creatures, that have eyes – And know no other way –”. She talks about different views she misses seeing but then she says that being able to see all of these things can ‘strike her dead’. In the last stanzas she says: “So safer – guess – with just my soul, Opon the window pane, Where other creatures put their eyes – Incautious – of the Sun –”. She is explaining that she is not cautious of the sun’s brightness affecting her sight because she lost her vision but she only see’s things with her soul now which she is not completely sure about because she says ‘guess’. In ‘We grow accustomed to the Dark’ the speaker believes that we can adjust to the darkness or it can adjust to us and then we will be fine and continue with life. “The Bravest - grope a little - And sometimes hit a Tree, Directly in the Forehead - But as they learn to see -” People who make attempts whether or not they are certain are the ones who are brave and they are the ones that learn to adjust. This poem has a motivational attitude because the speaker says that if people are brave enough to make attempts to adjust to the darkness they may end up finding peace with it and it motivates people to try different activities whether they are certain or
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