Before I Got My Eye Put Out Analysis Essay

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Dickinson’s Poems Analyzing Essay Everything has a deeper meaning to it if we really look into things and examine them carefully and logically. Emily Dickinson gave a deeper and more metaphorical meaning into her two poems,“We Grow Accustomed to the Dark” and “ Before I got my Eye Put out” through a literal perspective. The speaker is mostly talking about darkness and losing vision on a literal level. But metaphorically, and what the speaker is really trying to tell the reader is that darkness could also mean being lost, alone and not knowing what to do or where to go. Also, losing vision could metaphorically mean gaining knowledge, being open-minded and willing to accept change. The speaker in “We grow accustomed to the dark” is expressing how it is to be blind and groping in the dark trying to find something to hold on. But what the speaker is really trying to say is that by groping in the dark we somehow learn how to cope and get used to it. By being in the dark, our eyes adjust to what’s new around us. In the second stanza of the poem, the speaker said, “A Moment - We uncertain step For newness of the night - Then - fit our Vision to the Dark - And meet…show more content…
On a literal level, she misses having her sight. But by losing her sight, she gained knowledge and accepted the change as it is and coped with it. The speaker is also saying that by losing her vision, she stopped having limits to what she sees around her and started looking deeper into everything. “The Meadows – mine – The Mountains – mine – All Forests – Stintless stars – As much of noon, as I could take – Between my finite eyes”, the speaker said in her poem. This quote is showing that with her eyes she could see meadows, mountains, and stars but, without her eyes she could see them without having any limits to her
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