Before I Got My Eye Put Out Essay

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'What can loss of sight means? Physically and Imaginary. What can darkness mean besides being in the night, the dark without light? “We Grow Accustomed to the Dark” and “Before I Got My Eye Put Out” these two poems that is written by Emily Dickinson about sight and darkness, but it is not only about sight and dark, it has different meaning beside losing your sight or just about darkness. Yes, Dickinson’s poem is not just about losing of sight or darkness, it also is telling you different things. The poem “We grow accustomed to the Dark” beside dark it is also saying that people that goes to a different place, a new place, with new things and item. “Before I got my eye put out” is not only about losing the sight, it is also about that with your…show more content…
In the poem there is another sentence “ And life steps almost straight” (line 20) after living in the dark people are getting comfortable and familiar to the dark people, than they see the light, because people does not feel uncomfortable, depressed feeling, and gets more mature. After being in dark people grow up, they are going on without the silliness, the childish, and get more mature and serious toward people, things, thinking, and places.This other poem by Emily Dickinson “Before I got my eye put out” tells that people rely on their eye their sight to much, so they lose their imagination and something what people sees can not always be the truth. In the poem Dickinson says “Before I got my eye put out …...other creatures, that have eyes and know no other way.” (line1-4) it is telling people that before lose of your eyes, your sight, everyone was the same they might not know what are they doing and not knowing their way to go. Even with your eye the things you see might not always be they truth, that could means that not just rely on your sight use your other senses to find out
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