Before Reading Strategy: Anticipation Guide

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Reading Strategy File One #1: Before Reading Strategy Name of Strategy: Anticipation Guide Description of Strategy: Anticipation guides prepare students for a story or a text. Anticipation guides help to motivate students to read a story, build curiosity and help students predict what will happen in a text or a story before beginning to read it. Anticipation guides also help students to self-monitor their own interactions with a text or story. A typical anticipation guide will invite students to state an opinion or predict something about the main ideas/themes in a story before they begin to read. Students are encouraged to use their prior knowledge and backgrounds when making these predictions. Anticipation guides can be used for any subject or content area. Receptive and/or Expressive Processes Used: This is an expressive process. The main purpose of the anticipation guide is writing out thoughts and…show more content…
Why is the strategy appropriate for ELL instruction? Explain how instructional activities will be differentiated. This strategy is appropriate for ELL instruction because an anticipation guide can be completed orally. Students can express their thoughts about a story by speaking to a partner or to a teacher. The number of statements to be answered can also be modified and simple statements can be made to encourage student ideas without being too overwhelming. How will I use the strategy? How will it be used within the longer lesson? This strategy can be used to evoke predictions and get students engaged in the text before beginning the reading. Students may be encouraged to share their ideas and predictions with a partner or with the entire class. As students read the story or text, they may refer back to their anticipation guide to see if their predictions were true or
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