Before We Were Mine Analysis

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Before We Were Yours Review
A good book leaves you engrossed. It leaves you desiring more even after you flip the last page. A phenomenal author engages the reader and evokes emotion. Lisa Wingate does this in Before We Were Yours: A Novel on romance. Creativity and story telling are part of art and can only be done with maximum concentration. The world today lacks the romance hence we can use it from someone’s creativity. The old kind of love and cherishing is no longer existent. People have lost their authenticity in showing affection. Not only for romantic relationships but also family. The society is in shambles and it is sad. Lisa Wingate captures what is happening in the world today perfectly. The scenarios may be depicted in a different year or time zone. The authenticity and application in today’s society, timeless. Such writing prowess is a blessing. Before We Were Yours: A Novel that lasts 339 pages is a must have for the avid reader. Especially if you read for leisure. It is a good read to entertain you and get your emotions engaged. Most of us are living frantically we no longer feel as we ought to. Take time and read a book. It will be worth your while.
Human connections
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Avery Stafford despite the affluence in her life, her discovery path is tedious. It shows her what her family really was like. The rest of the people may not feel bad, but she shows there is hope in humanity. The human heart experiences romance and shares in love. It does not do so based on material or influence. Rill Foss on the other hand, shows your mind can help you change your situation. A very young boy with a lion’s fighting spirit. His love for his siblings making him defy the odds. Georgia Tann may be unknown to many, but the novel paints a wonderful picture. Great art work that depicts him in his real self. Lisa Wingate is a marvellous story teller. Having so much raw emotion in a book is very
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