Beh 225 Week 6 Checkpoint

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Goal: Braydon often refuses to follow or comply with requests and rules, even when reasonable. He will clearly lessen the frequency of passive-aggressive behaviors as evidenced by conveying anger and frustration through controlled, respectful, and direct statements and no more than three disciplinary referrals during the Second Nine Weeks.
Intervention: MHP taught Braydon how to identify negative, hostile, and defiant behaviors, and develop new ways to reframe these behaviors in more pro-social terms. MHP taught his grandmother how to change her predictable response to reestablish control in positive, but creative ways. MHP taught Braydon and his grandmother how to ignore certain inappropriate behaviors. MHP educated his grandmother about how to develop behavioral expectations and implement time-out and other behavior modification consequences. MHP used a therapeutic game to
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Rapport was established and adequately maintained during the session. His grooming was adequate, and he was cooperative during the session. His eye contact was fair, and his affect was normal. No S/H ideations. Braydon stated that his day was going well. He stated that he behavior continues to be in accordance with the goals outlined in his treatment plan. He expressed that he has been working on his social skills. He also indicated that he uses the conflict resolution skills when needed. Braydon noted that he has attempted to reduce the time he spends playing his game. His grandmother stated that he behavior has been better. She noted that he has been more responsive to her rules and expectations. His grandmother stated that his social skills are not the best. Braydon agreed to work on his communication skills. Braydon stated that he enjoyed the worksheet on anger management. No at-risk indicators noted. His overall response to the treatment was good. Braydon stated that he will work on his behavior this
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