Behavior Change Reflection

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This semester I have learned a considerable amount in Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise. The wide array of content covered helped me learn a lot about different subjects. Some of my favorite activities were the Fitness Fridays and the various speakers. I was glad this class had a mixture of ways that the material was presented because it helped really understand the topics. The main topics that I feel like changed my lifestyle the most were the Behavior Change Contract, the Access Yourself Quizzes, and the lectures.
My Behavior Change Contract was about getting a regular running schedule. Writing my goals down helped me stick to the goal. I was good about keeping my schedule and going running everyday around the same time. It made me feel good to
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I learned that I was not getting the proper mix of healthy vegetables. I am bad about not eating enough proteins and mix of vegetables to get all the vitamins I need. When I started college I was having a hard time eating a balanced diet because of the lack of variety being offered. As the weeks progressed the food began to get healthier and I was able to learn how to balance my meals better.
The lectures that had the most impact on me where the movie, Fathead and the one on birth control. A lot of facts about food that I had previously believed were debunked. I also was surprised about how biased the movie, Supersize Me. I watched that movie in middle school biology and I took it as a complete truth and even my teacher did not question the realibty of the film. Fathead presented a lot more facts and sources which helped me separate fact from fiction. On the other hand, I learned a lot about different birth control rather than just a male condom and the pill. It helped show me more options for both genders.
This class has helped me change the way I see nutrion and exercise, it even showed about Zumba and I enjoyed it so much that I am taking the class next semester. I liked the various speakers and group presentations. This class was overall fun and informative. I am glad that I took this
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