Disruptive Behavior Assessment

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There has been an email sent to our department form an education provider staff who has requested for our services as behavior analysts. To be specific, the client has asked us to meet with the other staff members from their institution so as to develop a behavior intervention plan for one of a third grade student in a local elementary school. The student in question is said to have been demonstrating disruptive behaviors in both the classroom as well as in other school settings. Disruptive behaviors reveal themselves where a individual is uncooperative in any setting resulting to unnecessary distractions. The behavioral assessment plan which is aimed to be developed is a plan which is based on the functional behavioral assessment results and…show more content…
It focuses on the antecedent, behavior itself an the consequences that arise from engaging in the behavior. Behavior antecedents are stimulus events, circumstances or situations which precedes an operant response by an individual. By having an understanding of these antecedents, one can modify a behavior through understanding how it works since it gives information on the various circumstances in which the behavior is reinforced and punished. In addition, the antecedent is important as it aids in the prediction of the environment and situations where the behavior has a probability of occurring. This is because most of the behaviors tend to occur mostly in situations where it is reinforced and less where it is punished. Some of the questions asked while undertaking antecedents on a problem behavior are related to factors such as who, what and where the problem behavior occurs usually and the activities preceding the problem occurrence among others. There are various ways related to the manipulation of antecedents for the purposes of increasing the desired behavior including presenting desired behavior cues in the individual 's environment, arranging the environment in such a way that it would prove valuable when the individual engages in the desired behavior and decreasing the needed…show more content…
Reinforcement in this behavior- related matter is a consequence that strengthens the future of an organism whenever the behavior ensues a particular antecedent. Its strengthening effect can be measured in terms of longer durations, higher behavior frequencies and shorter latency among others. Positive reinforcements are rewarding stimuli associated with an appreciated and appetitive behavior. A positive reinforcement takes place where a desirable stimulus or event is presented as the behaviors consequence resulting to an increase in behavior. For a negative reinforcement however, it occurs when the behaviors rate increases due to the removal of an aversive stimulus or event or the prevention of it from happening. The individual n this case therefore works hard to terminate the occurrence. Motivating operations operate by affecting an individual’s desire to or not to want a particular stimulus at a particular time and have the ability of decreasing or increasing a consequent stimuli 's effectiveness. Automatic reinforcement occurs automatically without the intervention of any party since the behavior in these situations is managed by operant mechanisms that are independent to social

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