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The essay will be talking about a variety of things. That deals with the behavior management that’s in the kindergarten classroom setting. How the teacher can take different steps to help the children learn.Thesis If there wasn’t a behavior management of classroom rules in the individual children learning environment would be hard for them to follow on a regular basis.When teaching in a learning environment some of the behavior management is having classroom rules for the children can have an opportunity to learn all that they can.The rules have’s a good method to them to where the children can understand the concept of having rules in a classroom setting. Guiding the children with the rules by going over it as a daily routine so that the…show more content…
The rules should be in a line of defense of not having the children misbehaving.During classroom rules the teacher and children can add and take away the rules of each child has the rules down pack.When going over the rules the children can have open ended questions as a group or to the teacher about how they feel about the rules.The rules can be changed out each month.Having rules for the children is an major aspect in the teacher classroom.When the teacher have the rules laid out the rules that they have is a style of its own with their meaning because even though some teachers may have the same rules but they interpret it in a different way when teaching in a learning 3/7/2018 Behavior management rules can go from being basis rules medium and hard rules for the children to follow the behavior rules are for children so that they won’t be misbehaving as it creates a sense of order for the teacher to be able to teach the children on so many levels if they have rules to follow.Not having rules can lead to the children.Doing different strategies to help improve on the children behavior so that they can active their learning styles.Building different organizations rules can help with the children by not wanting to misbehave.Making sure that the behavior management have an observation with the children to make sure they have established the rules before moving forward to new…show more content…
Small by Life way (2018) Retrieved 3/7/2018.Classroom rules the teacher will set the foundation in how the rules should be made for every child to follow on a daily basis. Students will be asked to repeat the rules answer write them down on paper so that they can have a chance to remember them. When doing one more question the teacher will indicate a rule to see if the children have been listening when going over the rules as a whole.Students will have about five minutes to complete the warmup question of the rule. Consequences that teacher will give the student consequences for their actions while learning in the classroom and then met with other children if the children knows the consequences they can learn on a higher level of their education. Students will know what every consequences and what they mean on a daily basis. Small groups in the classroom teacher will split the group up each table will complete an activity that’s given to each table that’s from the lesson plan the students Will have about 30 minutes to complete the activity then they will go back to the individual seats and the teacher will call each child to ask them a question that pertains to the activity also what they have learned from

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