Behavior Reinforcement: Using Positive Reinforcement

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Positive Reinforcement

Parents use positive reinforcement to develop their children's behavior in school, home or anywhere. Parents give their children rewards, praise or merits to show that the behavior they have exhibited is pleasant towards them causing the child to re-enact their behavior. Using positive reinforcement may help the child to be mature and dispel bad behavior. It also help the child to excel more in their academic performance and achieve better grades and test scores. Showing positive comments and feedback to the child may encourage the child to do more.The purpose of this paper was to explore behavior modification by using rewards to encourage positive, observable behavior changes in students (Diedrich,2010). Positive
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F. Skinner (1938), negative reinforcement is a response or behavior strengthened by stopping, removing or avoiding a negative event or outcome. One misconception that people and parents often make are the resemblance of negative reinforcement towards punishment. Punishment is the presentation of an adverse event or outcome that causes a decrease in the behavior displayed or exhibited.Reinforcement deals with feedback, whether positive or negative, and also discusses the behavior modification that may happen when put into certain situations. When concerning negative reinforcement, we are referring towards the strengthening of a behavior by reducing a negative outcome or an event. Yet, not all forms of negative reinforcement is a double-edged sword, some may even be fruitful, as some studies realize that negative reinforcement and punishment plays a big role in developing the healthy brain and its growth. Donald M. Baer, also stated that the withdrawal of positive reinforcement, with the switch to negative reinforcement, can result to a more disciplined and controlled development of the child (2011). Negative Reinforcement is widely believed to be the disciplinary action of a parent towards their children for them to be controlled, in a way where the child's general average will be increased. Such negative reinforcers are, spanking, verbal abuse, punishments and many more. These controls the effectiveness of the reinforcement as a whole. Using negative…show more content…
Classical conditioning is a type of learning that had a major and key effect towards the school of thought in psychology known as behaviorism. It was discovered by a Russian scientist named, Ivan Pavlov. Although it wasn’t discovered by a professional psychologist, it had a tremendous effect towards the word we know today as behaviorism (Cherry, 2016). This kind of aspect thus proves that the environment which surrounds us, has a major effect towards the behavior we may portray. The environment we are exposed to causes us to adapt therefore conditioning our behavior. The principle can be related towards the situation of a parent towards his/her children’s grades thus reinforcing them positively or negatively. To conclude, all learning occurs through the various interactions, endeavors, with the environment around
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