Behavior Therapy (ADHD)

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My mother always said “Never judge a book by its cover”- by this she means some people should get to know others before judging or making assumptions about them. People with ADHD tends to be mistaken for someone that’s acting out to get attention or not paying attention in school because they don’t care, but in reality those are a few symptoms of someone with ADHD. Some people think that people with ADHD are not the same as everyone else, but they are wrong because they are just as human as everyone else. Some of the things that commonly affects people with ADHD is the detection of the early stages, being patience, and bullying. There are several different types of behavioral disorders that affect school-age children. ADHD, also known as attention…show more content…
After the child is diagnosed with ADHD the parents should ask their pediatrician about all the possible treatments to help their child deal with ADHD. When looking at treatments for their child the parents should consider taking behavior therapy first before requiring medication. Many people may think that behavior therapy is only for their children, but truth is parents should also attend behavior therapy for parents, so that they can learn new skills to teach their children and to help them with their behavior. Once the parents realize that that their child 's behavior has improved, but they are still having a difficult time focusing in school, now parents should look into the different medications for ADHD. When looking at different medications parents should be cautious that not all medications has an effect on their child 's behavior and that their child may have to try multiple medications until they find the one that has a positive effect on their child 's behavior. After finding the best medication for their child, parents should also keep taking their child to behavior therapy. According to Data & Statistics “The percentage of children with an ADHD diagnosis continues to…show more content…
Spotting the early stages of ADHD is better than catching it in the later stages, especially with school-aged children. ADHD is the most critical in younger children between the ages 2-5 because they are unpredictable. By unpredictable I mean one day someone see a child that has ADHD whom is being well mannered and respectful, then the next day someone see the same child acting completely different for example, they are being a trouble-maker. However, this kind of problem could be prevented if the parents and doctors of the child detect this behavioral disorder in the early stages because now they can start discussing whether the child should attend behavioral therapy or take medication and attend behavioral therapy. Noticing ADHD in the later stages are sometimes risky especially for children ages 6 and older because their characteristics are now developed which means that when they are diagnosed with this disorder it is sometimes too late for them to attend behavior therapy forcing them to just take

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