Behavioral-Based Interview Essay

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“The last source of competitive advantage is human capital which is why it is so important to have a good hiring system in place” (Bowers, D., & Kleiner, B.H. 2005). The principal intent of this case assignment is to scrutinize behavioral-base interviewing in the following areas. Initially, a succinct discussion of the pros and cons of behavioral interviewing will be provided in this paper. To be followed by this student’s reaction to four pre-determined behavioral based interview questions. Finally, a depiction of ten conventional questions by which an interviewer normally interrogates a potential candidate with in the course of a common interview. In contrast, those identical traditional interview questions will be converted into behavior…show more content…
They tend to give answers that they find socially acceptable and not what they actually believe in” ( n.d.). In this case, one detriment of this practice is the possibility of providing the interviewer with misrepresented information. Therefore, an interviewee may be sensitive to the tension of the interview, thus, develop an urge to lie in order to receive favor from the employer. Thereupon, a large realm of ambiguity is rendered in all their answers from that point forward under these circumstances. To sum up, this segment of the paper provided insight into the pros and cons of behavioral interviewing. Being that this is the case, it is now time to distribute my answers to four probable questions of a behavioral…show more content…
He went on to inform me of the countless arguments, him and his spouse was experiencing at the time. Need to less to say, they were undergoing a lot of financial issues as well. Consequently, my co-worker was suffering from suicidal intentions. In this case, I mediated the situation and encouraged my colleague to seek professional assistance for guidance in coping with this issue. Hence, I escorted him to his counseling appointments and ensured he received the best care possible at the time. In the middle, of all this it is now time to illustrate a period in time, when I had to go beyond the call of
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