Behavioral Change Assignment Analysis

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I came across with my behavioral change assignment after I remembered my experience of my GYN appointment. I decided to do it, because I learned a lesson that day. I will explain which behavior I would like to change and the reason why I want to change my behavior. I was schedule for my annual examination with a new doctor GYN. It was raining that day, and besides that I arrived on time for my appointment. When I arrived, there were only two patients ahead of me. The receptionist requested my new medical insurance, and I was ready in five minutes. Since, I have not known the new doctor, I did not notice that the woman who was next to the receptionist was my new GYN. But after the time passed, I noticed that she was the doctor, because she was given to the patients the prescriptions in the front desk, she talking loud, and I could hear everything that she was telling to the patients. It was a new facility that is why I did not know how was the new workflow of the clinic. When it was my turn, the doctor introduced herself and told me” I’m the new doctor and you are here for your examination. How old are you? How many children do you have? When was your last menstrual period? Do you use birth control? After, she asked me those questions, she did the examination…show more content…
There are some participants that they do not want to receive nutritional counseling and, that is why I lost my interest in providing health education. However, there are others that really enjoy one on one counseling and even the extra support that nutritionists provide on WIC. Furthermore, I decided to drastic make this change, because my counseling skills interferes with my job performance. I do not know if my supervisor is observing me, for instance, if I do not make changes in my counseling skills and, I do not provide a pleasant visit at the facility to the participants, I could be fired from my job. For this reason I decided to make new
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