Behavioral Consultation Model (BCM)

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The consultant used the Behavioral Consultation Model (BCM) as a guiding framework to assist the HTC in attaining the desired goals for the organization. The model uses direct behavior-based consultation to provide a remedial and preventive focus to assist consultees in achieving and maintaining their goals. The BCM is based on changing the behavior to bring about the expected outcome. The model looks at specific behaviors that need to be changed for success. As an asset, the BCM uses a baseline and measurements to evaluate the effectiveness of the behavioral changes. The model measures how the organization was performing before the consultation, several times during the consultation, and at the end of the consultation process. The BCM is a problem-solving consultation process based on changing behavior. It is a model that uses a consultation process…show more content…
The BCM is an evidence-based and empirically supported consultation model. The model uses principles of learning to help change problems and behaviors through a step-by-step consultation process. According to Chitiyo, Morgan, and Wheeler (2009) behavioral consultation is chosen more than other models of consultations. The BCM has proven to be effective in school-based programs in helping students to learn and in solving behavioral problems. The model is used to construct interventions to deal with challenging behaviors of students. Teachers have come to accept the BCM to be effective in solving behavioral problems. Behavioral consultation is supportive in helping with remedial education. The BCM has come to be known as a universal-based consultation model. There are four stages of behavioral consultation, which are problem identification, problem analysis, treatment implementation, and treatment evaluation. These stages help the consultation process move from the problem to the solution which makes a successful consultation. The BCM uses behavioral interviews and direct observations to help
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