Behavioral Play Therapy Paper

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This particular research study had several limitations related to it. The first issue was the location of the study. This writer sampled a population that resides in a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility on the Multi-Needs unit, and did not sample populations from the remaining units at the facility. Consequently, the sample cannot be generalized to other children. Participants in other settings, and/or programs, may produce different results. Furthermore, utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy in another geographical location does not ensure its effectiveness in that particular setting.
A second limitation associated with the study was that the sample size was too small. There were 12 participants in the Multi-Needs Program. Due to such a small sampling, it would be hard to gather significant results. Even though the Play group seemed to have an impact on participant’s behaviors, a control group was not used to compare the evidence of that fact. Evaluating a larger …show more content…

Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy programs can be utilized in various settings such as, schools, churches, social service settings, daycare settings, and community centers. Social service settings, such as the foster care system can utilize Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy as a way to help the parents and children start to reconnect on a more stable and foundational level. Preschool classes are based primarily on children learning through play. They learn the alphabet, counting, animals and the world around them by playing so incorporating social skills into these existing programs via Cognitive Play Group would take some curriculum changes. However, once they are implemented, the school board and administrative team can monitor for themselves how the children are responding to the

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