Behavioral Psychology Vs Cognitive Psychology

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Scott Burgess
PSY 803
Module 5 DQ 2
Cognitive theorists maintain that our approach to behavioral change rests solely in the way we think about behavior. Explain the gap that exists between cognitive and behavioral psychology. When thinking about psychology it is interesting to think about all that has occurred in psychology thus far. Even as Robins, Gosling, and Craik (1999) mentioned there has been many trends that have occurred within psychology, such as, that of psychoanalysis, that of behaviorism, and even that of cognitive psychology. Thinking about all of these trends it can be observed that psychology has had different trends occur and there are probably some gaps that exist between all the trends within psychology. Therefore,
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(1999) mentioned the rise to cognitive psychology most likely gave rise over behavioral psychology because what came about was the computer revolution. The focus on the computer is best described by Moore (2013) which mentioned how computer is equipped with many mechanisms and with that there are different inputs for the computer along with different outputs for the computer. Moore (2013) explained how the behavior of the computer is deterministic and that certain behavior is always going to occur. Therefore, it would seem that there is no randomness that occurs with the computer revolution compared to cognitive…show more content…
(1999) mentioned that the computer revolution took over behavioral psychology with that of cognitive psychology. To go further is would seem that cognitive psychology is more accurate than behavioral psychology because even as Robins et al. (1999) continued with the computer revolution there is more science behind how the mind operates with such information as retrieval, storage, etc. There then can be a conclusion that cognitive psychology would be more evidence based than that of behavioral psychology. To leave on final thought it should be noted with reference to Virues-Ortega and Pear (2015) how there are different terms for both cognitive psychology and behavioral psychology. Virues-Ortega and Pear (2015) mentioned how for cognitive psychology such terms are memory, recognition, retrieval, storage, etc. and for behavioral psychology such terms are negative reinforcement, operant conditioning, conditioned reinforers, etc. In all, Virues-Ortega and Pear (2015) had thirteen terms listed for each, but that is not the point I want to make, the point I want to make to that with cognitive psychology and the computer revolution it can be observed along with concluded that with the terms there would be more of an understanding and better evidence than that of behavioral
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