Essay On Why People Need Language

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We use language everyday .we spoken language, face to face, as a means of communication and written language allows us to record and hold and hold on to our history across generations .language itself is very complex .Its phonological system is so complex we are having a number of words and their production is totally different from each other and their meanings too. Its lexis of some 55,000 to 100,000 terms we have and with the passage of times it. Language allows us to express our ideas, describe events, tell stories, recite poems, buy sell or bargain in market, and to make political speeches and make up the society we live in.
Language allows us to coordinate with others, relay information find out answers. And carry out every day’s activities.
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Not able to speak properly but can understand what the other person is saying through actions and reactions of the person ( parents or care givers) at the age of 18 to 24 months a child is able to produce 12 words which he has learn from his care givers and from his siblings now he is able to communicate. A child learns language through a process of stimulus (hearing, input) and response (he tries to play with language and do practice) by repeatating words.
Chomsky said every human is born with Innate principals those principals helps to develop the system of our Native Language. This theory can work only we both the children and their parents or care givers interact with each other. A child is a bad imitator but overall he is a good imitator .but they do practice they keep on learning new words, creating new words, they don’t stop they do practice .Although he make mistakes but their parents tries to correct them.
John B .Watson’s “CLASSICAL CONDITIONING”. It is an automatic type of learning everyone is familiar with that dog’s example. Whenever the dog is hungry a person used to provide him food but after ringing the bell. After sometimes dogs learn that after ringing the bell he will get food .This thing was repeated again and again this is known as classical
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