Behaviour Policies In Schools Essay

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Throughout this essay I will be explaining how a behaviour policy supports teachers and how it can also create an effective learning environment. I will also be highlighting any issues which could potentially arise from the use of a behaviour policy. A behaviour policy is guidance for members of staff within a school on how to deal with different behaviours, and sets out the expectations of behaviour for all children at the school. If a behaviour policy is written well it will support the formation of an effective learning environment. An effective learning environment for young children is an environment in which all children feel able to express themselves freely, allowing them to learn effectively. Behaviour policies are a legal requirement and an important part of an educational setting. It is also a framework which all members of staff must implement within their practice. It lays out the expectations of all children in the setting and the consequences of their actions if they are not in line with the expectations. It should also have reference to any health and safety aspects as well as safeguarding. All teachers following the schools behaviour policy will provide consistency for children, within schools this is an imperative part of teachers practice; it provides children with a sense of…show more content…
Manage behaviour effectively to ensure a good and safe learning environment” – (Department for Education, 2012). When a behaviour policy works alongside an effective learning environment, the 7th standard of the QTS Teaching Standards will have been achieved. When achieving this the teacher is closer to accomplishing the rest of the Teaching Standards. In order for children to have an education which enables them to fulfil their potential as well as learning in a positive environment a well written behaviour policy must be set in place. Ensuring supporting a child’s behaviour within the classroom and around school will enable teachers to teach without any
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