William Golding Lord Of The Flies Book Review Essay

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Nikki Jennings
Period 2
October 15, 2014
Behind Lord of the Flies
Anyone can see that humans are not perfect, but that does not mean people are awful either. William Golding tests this quality of humans when he writes Lord of the Flies. Set in a time of war, Golding plants British, preteen boys on a deserted island when their plane went down. Golding then paints a picture with his title expressing the characters, and what he leaves for the reader to interpret. Throughout his writing, he has the intention of challenging society’s structured life style not being for everyone, while chaos is not what takes man over either.
Everyone can see that people are not naturally prim and proper; Golding uses his book to show this in a more extreme way. He personifies order as Piggy, and this can be seen throughout every situation Piggy has to drag Ralph out of that Jack caused; Jack being chaos, or the pressure society causes. “The moral is that the shape of society must
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The “flies” would be the boys of the island, running around mindlessly, doing whatever they please, and the “lord” refers to the chaos that is controlling the boys. “’You are a silly little boy,’ said the Lord of the Flies…’What are you doing out here alone? Aren’t you afraid of me?’ Simon shook. ‘There isn’t anyone to help you. Only me. And I’m the Beast.’” (Golding 143). Throughout the story Jack and his gang are afraid of the beast, or chaos. They worship the beast by giving “it” the head of a pig they catch. The reason they give into fearing the beast, is because they gave into chaos. This quote shows the severe pressure rules have on people, and Jack and the other boys gave in to said pressure and have turned into something they are not. This was Golding’s way of showing that people can come under the rules society gives, and he wants to show the different ways people can interpret his
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