Behind The Backlash Davidsson Summary

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Davidsson explains that the assumption that conspiracy theories are a paranoia style made media critical of presenting such theories. Hence, the media’s report obtained from the government blinded the public into believing Al-Qaeda, a radical Islamic terrorist, was responsible for the attack. Davidsson gave numerous examples to show the US government’s constant obsession with secrecy regarding what had happened on 9/11. Davidsson makes it clear to readers that the US government has not provided any legitimate evidence that shows the nineteen hijackers relationship with Al-Qaeda. The evidence given by Davidsson is not sufficient to make readers believe that 9/11 was an inside job. However, it is good starting point to investigate more into who was responsible for thousands of deaths. Davidsson readily stipulates that 9/11 was an inside job. This gives readers a clear…show more content…
It explores how the uncritical belief in the official 9/11 story is affecting culture in Western Countries. An Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at Colorado State University, Peek provides through interviews of 140 Muslim Americans firsthand experience post 9/11 that lived in New York. Her book toughly shows the discrimination and various forms of harassment against Muslims following the 9/11 attack. Peek helps advance the idea that the mere accusation that Al-Qaeda was responsible for the attack on the world trade center revived and extended the country’s fear towards Muslims. Peek emphasis on how Muslim Americans treated as the enemy; the media following what the government reported framed 9/11 within the context of Islam. This created a cultural conflict making Muslim Americans victims of
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