Behind The Beautiful Forevers Analysis

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Depending on the opportunities granted in life, people believe that once they are successful it is someone else’s fault that they did not also choose to be successful. In Katherine Boo’s book, Behind The Beautiful Forevers, it is proven how in a big city like Mumbai not everyone is granted the same opportunities to reach a level of success. The main question that needs to be answered is who’s fault is it that the poor were not granted the same opportunities; but throughout many examples throughout the book, it is showed that the people in power in Mumbai prevented the poor from leveling up in society, even though the poor people had the ambition to be successful. In search for jobs from the Mumbai International Airport to repair a runway, people from Tamil Nadu were placed in a slum called Annawadi. The slum was surrounded by expensive hotels and other big businesses, but the dream of living the life of the wealthy people…show more content…
If she wanted to make change, she immediately would lose her job and her family’s life would be affected by being labeled as the family who went against Mumbai. So instead, like many leaders and professionals around the world, Asha realized early that changing the system would be a waste of time since she is the only one that would be trying to do it amongst their colleagues. Behind The Beautiful Forevers played upon the theme of brainwashing throughout the whole book. The rich people brainwashed each other and society that the poor were lazy, but behind that theory was the rich stealing from the poor. In conclusion, no matter where it is in the world, whether if it is America, Africa, or Asia, what outsiders see on the surface is only the result of the plans the people in power have
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