Behind The Beautiful Forevers Themes

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In the book Behind the Beautiful Forevers, by Katherine Boo, there are a few themes; the main themes being hope, sacrifice, and loss. Despite the awful events that all of these characters go through and witness, they are compelled to survive and carry on for their families and futures. For example when Abdul, his father, Karam, and his sister, Kehkashan, are accused of provoking Fatima’s suicide. They are interrogated unfairly and Abdul was even beaten by the police, trying to force them to admit that they were guilty or get some money out of them. Despite this, the family stays strong and goes to court bringing themselves into financial ruin. Even though money is tight, and all members of the family are working to just to eat, they are able…show more content…
I found the corruption in the government and in law enforcement officials sickening and frightening. The everyday living conditions these people go thorough are horrendous and depressing, and yet they find a way to survive and go on. My favorite aspects of Abdul are how hard working and aware he was. He describes himself as afraid, but most of the time he seemed better of this way, than being a dangerous risk taker. I disliked how little work his father, Karam, managed to do, while his wife did everything and anything. I admired Zehrunisa and how hardworking she was for her family, I looked down upon how abusive she was to Abdul because he did not deserve it. I found Asha’s strive for independence and power inspiring, but her means of obtaining it to be corruptive and dishonest. I really liked how kindhearted Manju was and how she took the time to teach the slum children, even though she really didn’t have to. She was also very kind to Meena and tried to be a very good friend to her because of her situation with her family. I was upset when Meena decided to take her own life because I feel someone could have helped her; but at the same time, if I was in her place, I probably would have done the same thing. I very much disliked Sister Paulette because as a Christian women with supposedly good values, she should be doing good things, not
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