Behind The Swoosh Analysis

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Behind the Swoosh is a documentary about sweatshop labor. As a class we watched the documentary and as I learned more about how Nike was running their business; I felt bad for the people that were working. I could not believe that those people were working hard making that company so much money and was getting nothing in return. Then again, I really was not shocked because I know that they are people that put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into a company and do not make enough money. This documentary is a prime example of global inequality and showing people that it really does exists. There are three theoretical approaches that explains global inequality and they are structural functionalism, symbolic interaction, and conflict theory. Conflict…show more content…
It is very said to see that those people in the documentary were working hard day and night and still did not have the funds to take care of themselves. They were working hard but receiving a dollar an hour but they were making Nike’s company billions of dollars. Symbolic interaction in also one of the theories that plays a role in inequality as well. Symbolic interaction theory is the norms for people that shaped them into society. It is the life style that people are used to and they try to improve their situations the best the way that they know how. In the documentary, the workers for Nike lived in poor living conditions and they could not afford a lot. The money that they earned couldn’t not even last for day. So, it was very difficult to live off of that salary. Jim Keady and his friend played a huge role in this Swoosh documentary. They found out information about Nike sweatshop and Jim went against wearing Nike. He even meet up with his old friend and they went to Nike’s company and met the workers that were living on a poor salary. Jim Keady and his friend roles in this documentary were on a meso and macro level. They felt like it was their responsibility to go to those workers and spread the information about
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