Bein Being Racism

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There are many views that one can contemplate on if it were having to do with how one can be affected or how they can affect others. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion but no one can justify who is correct since every person has different perspectives. It is humanity that one can comprehend in every language. How in every part of the world killing one another is wrong, how in every part of the world rape is seen as wrong, and how in every part of the world being racist is frowned upon. Many people think by not acknowledging the problem it will go away but that is not the case, racism still exciting in today 's world is a big issue. What must be kept in mind is by not stopping negative actions such as racism or discrimination, one is encouraging it.…show more content…
It can be something as little as saying the “N-word” it may seem like no drastic deal but having to do with many others perspectives, it is. Because it can be used a tool or a weapon, depending on whoever is using it (Ice Cube). Simply if one thinks it is acceptable to use the word because they have a friend or a girlfriend or boyfriend that is a person of color, others are still being offended by the use of it. The word itself signifies that we are not progressing as a nation, for is using the “N-word” keeping people in a reverie of old values? There happens to be a controversy on whether a book that uses the “N-word” 219 times should be allowed in the classroom setting. The novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain should be allowed in the class setting because it exhibits common sense, acceptance, and
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