Effects Of Being A Black Belt Essay

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How has being a black belt affected my life?
How has becoming a black belt affected my life? Being a black belt has changed my life in ways I'd never expect from first starting Taekwondo. I was extremely happy when my parents told me they had signed me up for Taekwondo. I went into my first few classes in taekwondo with so much excitement, eager to go to the next class. When I looked up to my instructors and leadership with their black belts tied around their waist, I thought they were the coolest people ever, and of course they are however I thought that all black belts would be martial arts masters just like in the Bruce Lee movies I'd watch. Being a black belt for just over a year now, I realized having a black belt doesn't necessarily mean being a martial arts master going out and fighting crime, but being a black belt teaches you so much more than kicking and punching. In this essay I will say how being a black belt has affected my life, and what I've learned since my test.
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Throughout my years of taekwondo we always would talk about the three areas of a black belt champion, and now I feel like I fully understand what that means. I always try to do my best no matter where I am. At taekwondo, I always try my hardest and put in as much effort as I can. I take my training much more seriously then I did maybe five or six years ago. I put in as much effort as I can when it comes to practicing at home, training in class, or even when I'm doing leadership every Saturday. At school, I also try to do my best. I do my homework, study for tests, participate in sports such as Volleyball and Basketball, and get the best grades I can. I think it's really important for everyone, not just black belts, to know these three areas of a black belt champion, and how we can act our

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